Ranch Hands™ Farmer's Carry Handles

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The Sorinex Ranch Hands™ are an easy to use, space saving option to a traditional farmer carry bar. The plate loaded design makes it easy to add or subtract weight and allows the user to set the load down and roll them to reset position. These handles can be used for farmer walks, shrugs, static holds, or other grip working movements. Specialty spring collars are included.


Ranch Hands Dimensions
Ranch Hands Dimensions


   Height                          17"
   Width                           7.5"
   Depth                           9"
   Sleeve Length            8"
   Handle Length           6.25"
   Handle Diameter       1.25"
   Includes                      Ranch Hand (2), Specialty Collar (2)
   Steel                             3/8"


Ranch Hands™ Farmer's Handles Spec Sheet

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