Inertia Wave

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The Inertia Wave is a portable HIIT metabolic conditioning and resistance tool designed to build muscle, train your core, burn fat, and engage your entire body. The Sorinex Inertia Wave has 15% more resistance and a 22% increase in tensile strength.

The versatile anchoring system allows you to work out anywhere, anytime. Attach it on fences, trees, benches, weight stations, even in the trunk of your car, just attach it and start waving.

This single-person device is fully optimized for ease-of-use. The Inertia Wave will give you one of the most optimal High Intensity Interval Training workouts today. More metabolic conditioning and cardio caloric burn than double under jump rope..

The Inertia Wave is built with a solid steel, double reinforced O-ring on the anchoring end. That, along with the durable nylon rail strap and carabiner can withstand up to 600lbs of torque allowing you to wave hard without worry.

Inertia Wave

Optimize Your Daily Fitness Routine

Inertia Wave

Lose More Fat and Maintain Muscle

Inertia Wave

Surpass Your Fitness Goals

Inertia Wave

Increased Post-Oxygen Consumption

Inertia Wave

Easy Setup. Train Anywhere

Inertia Wave

Extremely Lightweight and Durable


   Length                      9.5'
   Tube Diameter        2"
   Weight                      2.5 lbs

(1) Pair Inertia Wave tubes (2 tubes total)
(1) Pair Rail Straps for anchoring (2 straps total)
(1) Inertia Wave Safety Instructions

Sorinex Inertia Wave vs. Inertia Wave
The Sorinex Inertia Wave has 15% more Resistance.
A higher modulus as you "fight against Inertia".
A 22% increase in tensile strength.
Sorinex has the only black Inertia Wave in the USA


Inertia Wave Spec Sheet