Proloc 1 Collars

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   Made in USA             Yes
   Height                        3"
   Weight                        1 LB 
   Diameter                   1.937" to 2.007"
   Material                     1.5" Nylon
   Color                           Black

High Strength Nylon Material
Twist To Tighten
Integrated Magnetic Storage (Optional)

The Proloc™ 1 Collar is made from high strength nylon. Compatible with bars ranging in diameter from 1.937" to 2.007". Fits most specialty bars and Olympic bars. Including Ox™ Bars, power bars, log bars, cambered bars, swiss bars, and safety squat yoke bars. The strength and durability of these collars can last in the hardest gym environments for years.

Proloc™ Collar (2)