For years, Ecore has worked alongside Sorinex Exercise Equipment to provide flooring for the facilities that Sorinex has manufactured for professional, collegiate, high school, military, and private training centers. Sorinex and Ecore Athletic have entered into an official partnership to create a flooring line well beyond industry standards focused on unsurpassed durability, innovation, and industry leading warranty.

The deep history of the two companies spans over 120 years in strength training and the flooring industry. Since 1980, Sorinex has designed the most innovative and versatile weight rooms in strength and conditioning. Since 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed materials into unique products, and is now one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the United States. These U.S. based companies pride themselves on their quality and durability, and making products you can trust.

The new Legendary Series™ flooring line comes in 0.5" and 1" options and exclusive color choices, with a durable wear layer made from vulcanized EPDM rubber, this product resists the scuffing and marking that is common in strength and conditioning applications. The patented fusion process combines the base layers and wear layer to create an indestructible seal that will not separate over time.

With the launch of the Legendary Series™ Flooring, strength and conditioning coaches can go directly through Sorinex for all of the needs of their facility. Simplifying the process and giving a one stop solution for completing the job more efficiently.

Sorinex provides unique branding by incorporating logos and colors in to the floor and platforms using water jet cutting to ensure extreme detail and seamless accuracy. Inlaid Rubber Platforms, Inlaid Wooden Platforms, and Above Ground Rubber Platforms are also available.

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